About Us

gurpreet saluja
Empowering Investors with Integrity

Gurpreet Saluja Financial Services was founded in September, 2015 by our Founder & MD Gurpreet Saluja in Ludhiana.

With a Vision to Empower the Investors in India with a Digital Platform for all types of investments and selecting the best investments to grow their wealth in a smart way.

Our Mission is to cultivate the habit of investing in equity among investors to build wealth from India’s Growth.

We Provide Professional Investment Services like Mutual Funds, PMS, Stocks, Bonds & aligning them with Financial Goals of Investors with the help of Financial Planning services.

We serve more than 300 investors across Retail, HNI & NRI segment and operate from our Regd. Office: 508, Ludhiana Stock Exchange.

About our Founder & MD

Gurpreet Saluja

Hi. I’m Gurpreet,

I’m a Vivid Follower of Worldly Wisdom, Learner, Value Investor, Financial Planner, Blogger, Stock Market Geek & Big Fan of Charlie Munger & Warren Buffett!

I’m also an AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Advisor in Ludhiana, India. Here I advise my clients to create wealth by doing systematic investments in mutual funds.

I have a deep interest in financial instruments as well as financial education and also a keen learner of every aspect’s of this human life (luckily, which I have got too).

I have a quite simple objective: I just want to go to bed each night smarter than when I woke up and also want to be a learning machine, like the great investor Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger are, till my 80’s & 90’s.

My dream is to be Become a Billionaire, and to live this life more than a century, and also want to take my last breathe while reading.

I’m not here to tell you the quick steps to become rich or wealthy because there is no quick steps to become rich, I will just share my learning’s like whatever I’m learning in my life towards my path to become a Billionaire, and basically the things a person must know in his/her life to become rich and wealthy, is what I will be sharing here on this blog.

Though I don’t have any people right now to say something about my work over here, it’s all you who have to explore it and say something about it. You can say it on twitter @gurpreet_saluja.