Dear Newspaper and Television

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My Dear Newspaper and Television,

After thinking a lot about on you both and holding my heavy heart down, I decided to write these rough words to you.

You both have been with me in my life from a very long time especially the television, you both tried your best to provide me the information’s and entertainment in my life and you want to do this for all of my life.

But, now I have realized that the type of information’s and the entertainment you both were providing to me were adding no real values or education to my life, in fact you both were engaging me in some fake or illusion types of information and entertainment world – which is actually a waste of time for me.

And now, I have decided that I will not waste more of my hours in life on you both, hence I have decided to spend those hours on my mental models that will make me more smarter each day.

I know you both don’t like too see my such rude behavior all of a sudden, but the time has came to get apart and the promise to never disturb each other in this life, and I just wan’t to say goodbye to both of you for the very first and the last time.

I wish we never meet again. Thanks for ruining my life from last 20 years.

With Love,

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