Don’t Speculate, Just Don’t!

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Hi guys,

Today, it’s expiry of June 2015 contracts in NSE FO, and today I will share my real life mistake I did just for greed and excessive returns unfortunately which turned into permanent capital loss.

Guys, It’s quite easy to be confident on your decisions and experiences, but still after doing a lot of mistakes in trading and speculating in stock market, especially in derivatives. I found, that instead of being greedy towards huge returns and your expectations from market for a particular day is like fighting with the market with sword in your hand, You can get handsome returns by investing for a long term.

So, my point for sharing this experience is that –

Don’t Speculate, Just Don’t!

You know what, I made promises to myself that I won’t every speculate in stock market for greed of excessive returns, never!

Yet, I did broke my promise of never speculating and I started trading in Nifty Put Options.

Wondering What’s the result?

Nifty Up by 40 Points and My Put Options Vanished! 😛

So, the result is “PERMANENT CAPITAL LOSS”.

The dangerous thing that every investor must avoid!

But you know the sad part is there is still 1 hour left and anything can happen on expiry day in the market, so I still have a hope of getting my money back.

But, I know it’s rarely possible.

So, I decided to never ever speculate in the stock market not even 1% of my total investments. Just Not!

I won’t ever speculate in the stock market, Just Won’t!

And I recommend the same to all of you.

Let me make it clear that, I’m not against the speculation or the people who trades or speculates as Yes there are many techniques to get returns from speculation in the stock market, most of the traders earn money that way.

But, I’m writing this because Speculating is not my cup of tea, it’s totally my personal decision.

Investing, Trading, Speculating in Stock Market is totally your personal decision, so do whatever you want to do wholly at your own risk.


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