Money Is Not Evil

Money as we have been taught or said by our teachers or elders, is a root of all evil.

Our elders have this belief that love for money is root of all evil. Hence, we have been taught the same thing that don’t have love for money because it’s the root of all evil.

I would like to tell you that it’s all bullsh!t!

Money Is Not Evil

Money is not evil nor the love for money is evil. Basically, it’s the lack of money in our lives that causes evil. Evil is when we keep on working at a job we hate.

Money is not evil but working hard enough and yet not earning enough to provide a good life to your family is evil.

For some peoples, being deeply in debt is evil.

Fighting with your loved ones over money is evil.

Being Greedy is Evil.

And Indulging in criminal activities to acquire money is evil.

Money by itself is NOT EVIL.


Now, you might be thinking that if Money Is Not Evil then why acquiring money is so hard?

That’s because we don’t make our money work for us, we are working hard enough for money.

Why don’t you start making your money work for you?

Yes, To do so you need Financial Education. Learning how to become master of your money rather than letting your Money a Master of You.

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