Reinventing Marketing at Coca-Cola

Reinventing Marketing through digital market and How Coca-Cola Spends on Marketing Activities.

Here is an excerpt from Philip Kotler’s Marketing Management book,

Coca-Cola is fundamentally changing the way it does marketing, primarily by adding a strong digital component to its traditional marketing tools. The new model is based on moving consumers from impressions to expressions to conversations to transactions.

Coca-Cola defines consumer expressions as any level of engagement with brand content: a comment, “like,” or share on Facebook, a Tweet, or an uploaded photo or video. Coca-Cola strives to put strongly sharable pieces of communications online that will generate impressions but also lead to expressions from consumers who join or extend the communication storyline and ultimately buy the product.

These communications focus on the core themes of “happiness” and “optimism” that define the brand’s positioning. One successful application is the video of the “Hug Me” vending machine in Singapore that dispensed cans of Coke when people put their arm around it and hugged it. Within in a week, the video generated 112 million impressions.

Coca-Cola actively experiments, allocation 70% of its budget to activities it knows will work, 20% to improving those activities, and 10% to experimentation. The company accepts that experiments can fail but believes in taking chances to learn and develop better solutions. Even in its traditional advertising and promotion, it looks for innovation.

For instance, Coca-Cola places much importance on cultural leadership and causes that benefit others. The mission of its Artic Home project is to protect the habitat of polar beers – who have starred in animated form in its holiday ads for years. Committing $3 million to the World Wildlife Fund, Coca-Cola drew attention to the project by turning its traditional red cans white.

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