Waiting Periods In Health Insurance

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Waiting Periods

A Waiting Period is time you need to wait before making any claim with your health insurance company.

In Health Insurance, There are 3 Types of Waiting Periods.

  1. 30 Days Waiting Period
  2. Specific Waiting Period
  3. Pre Existing Disease WP

I will layout the general conditions of these waiting periods in health insurance policies.

30 Days Waiting Period:

Claim for any Medical Expenses of any illness during first 30 days of Policy Start Date will not be admissible, except those medical expenses incurred as a result of injury.

Specific Waiting Period:

Any Claim arising out of following illness or surgery will not be admissible during the first 24 consecutive months of coverage.

Arthritis, ENT, Cataract, All types of Hernia, Kidney Stone, Ureteric Stone, Gall Bladder Stone etc.

Pre Existing Disease:

Claim will not be admissible for any hospitalization expenses of any pre existing disease until 48 months of continuous coverage has elapsed.

Note: These are general conditions just for educational purpose. Actual Terms and Conditions for Waiting Periods can differ from Company to Company. So read Terms and Conditions of the specific company before taking your health policy.

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