Guru Nanak on How To Acquire True Wealth?

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We learned about the Teachings of Guru Nanak before in our post Great Teachings of Guru Nanak. Today, we will learn about What Guru Nanak Taught us on How To Acquire True Wealth in our life?

Guru Nanak On How To Acquire True Wealth?

To make you more clear about the teachings of Guru Nanak on Acquiring True Wealth, here is an excerpt from the book  Guru Nanak : His Life & Teachings by Roopinder Singh in which he explains the whole incident that actually happened.

Guru Nanak went to Lahore, where he had a significant encounter with Duni Chand, a rich merchant.Teachings of Guru Nanak

Duni Chand was performing the rites for the deceased. These rites associated with Hinduism include ritualistically offering food to Brahmins during the period of shradh. It is said that the food given to Brahmins during these days is an offering made to the departed souls of the ancestors and brings blessings to the dead.

The merchant’s ostentatious display of wealth was for all to see, and he was especially proud of the seven flags that hung at his doorway signifying his wealth.

Guru Nanak taught his lesson in a simple way. He gave Duni Chand a needle and told him that he would take it from him in the next world. This made the merchant think and realize that he could not take any of his worldly possessions with him to a life after death. He asked for the Guru’s advice about what to do with all his material wealth (and how to acquire the true or real wealth).

“If you give in the name of God and put food into the mouths of needy persons, only then will you have credit to take with you in your next life,” replied Guru Nanak.

In this way Guru Nanak taught To Acquire True Wealth or Real Wealth in our life we should give in the name of God and put food into the mouths of needy persons.

For Further Reading on  Guru Nanak : His Life & Teachings you must read this book by Roopinder Singh.

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