Drop by Drop Makes an Ocean

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As it’s said that Drop by Drop Makes an Ocean or One brick at a time makes a building.

If you want to create huge wealth in life, the process is same. Here it goes like Little by Little, it can build up to a whole lot more.

Do you thought what’s common in all these sayings?

It’s the Power of Compounding. It’s like a snowball – you roll it small and it ends up BIG gathering all the snow on its way.

In Investing

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

Little by little, it can build up to a whole lot more. It all depends on fitting the small parts together with the right plan. SIP allows you to put aside fixed amounts at regular intervals over a pre-set term.

By cashing in on the power of compounding over a period, it rewards you for your disciplined & responsible approach.

Benefits of Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

  • Allows you to invest small fixed sum of money at regular intervals – light on the wallet
  • SIP makes volatility work in your favor – reduces risk
  • Benefit of Rupee Cost Averaging – get more units at lower NAV, less units at higher NAV
  • Power of compounding comes into play – the early you start the higher are the returns
  • Imparts time – tested discipline to investing – key to financial success
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